Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Recollections Rainbow Rolling Cart

I was in need of something to store my cosmetics. I wanted something with wheels so that I could put it in a corner and roll it to wherever I wanted.

After searching I came across a rolling cart at Walmart. Instead of purchasing it there I ended up getting mine from Michaels Arts & Crafts store. It was marketed as a cart for stationery and other crafts.

I purchased the cart for $29.99, which was the cheapest I found. There were reviews that the drawers fell out and wouldn't hold anything heavy. I will say that the drawers definitely do fall off track. Periodically you will have to tighten the screws so that the cart doesn't lean. The leaning is what causes the drawers to fall off track.

I have my drawers full. The heavy items are towards the bottom which are mainly nail polishes and a few hair care products.

Overall I like it but I would not repurchase. I will née to find something a little more sturdier for my liking. I did not have a problem with the wheels rolling over smooth surface but I did notice I kind of had to pick it up when tiling across carpet.

So to reiterate:

1. Color code different drawers
2. Has wheels for easy traveling
3. Has a top surface that will support additional items
4. Sleek and compact

1. The drawers do slide off track if overfilled or if the bars need to be tighten
2. The space between one drawer to the next is minuscule so you can't fit odd shaped objects in the drawers (i.e. Bottles like setting spray) unless you lay them sideways

I hoped this helped someone! How do you store your makeup?