Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!!!!

Eat lots of food and love life!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blue My Mind

Today I am feeling a little under the weather. My nose keeps running and my eyes are so watery! To cheer myself I decided to beat my face!!!

For this look I used:


Revlon whipped foundation
Coastal Scents concealer palette
A random no name cream blush in my collection
Smashbox photo finish primer
Makeup Forever Eyebrow Corrector in #3

For eyes:

The glitter blue cream shadow from the NYX glitterati palette
Milani eyeshadow in blue
Milani runway eyeshadow palette (the one with the black in it)
Buck from the Naked palette
Virgin from the Naked palette
Milani eye tech liner in black
Katy Perry "Oh, My" lashes

Ok so now that you know why I used, now it's time to tell you exactly where I put the shadows.

1. I first put he NYX blue glitterati cream shadow on my lid.
2. I'm so sorry that I can't remember the name of the blue eyeshadow from the brand Milani but any blue will do. I put this shadow on top of the glitterati shadow.
3. I then took Buck from the Naked palette as my blending color. I placed it in my crease and took it up.
4. I used the black in the Milani runway palette in the crease and outter v.
5. I took more of my blending color to blend out any harse lines.
6. I used virgin as my highlight color
7. I put on the Katy perry "oh my" lashes
8. I lined eyes with Milani eye tech liner in black.
9. I took some of the black from my brush and smudged a little on the bottom outter corner of my eye.

Viola! Look a la Charm!

Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Take It Off!

A couple of days ago I purchased some makeup wipes by the brand Hard Candy. Many of you may know them for things like lipgloss and bakes eyeshadow/blush. Recently (at least for me) I came across makeup remover wipes. Since I needed some more, why not try them? I'm glad I did! This wipes really work! They don't leave any kind of residue behind and I swear they even moisturize my face. This is coming from seomone with an extremely dry face. My other wipes contain medicine for acne so to use them everyday became a bit too harsh for my skin. These wipes seem to add that much needed moisture back!!

They come in a neat compact black packaging. Great for travel! The only negative thing I can say is there are only 25 wipes in the packaging. They are indeed full size wipes. I can fit my entire hand on a wipe and have room left.

For a pack of 25 wipes, you can expect to spend $5. Not bad and on par (or maybe less) than other drug store brands. I picked these up from my local Walmart.