Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lorac Cosmetics Alter Ego 20th Anniversary

When I found out that Lorac was going to produce a limited edition lip set of 20, I got excited!

This stunning collection includes 10 Alter Ego Lipsticks and 10 matching Alter Ego Lip Glosses all house in a Collector's Edition keepsake box. This unprecedented collection features limited edition 20th Anniversary decoration and includes 7 new, exclusive, and limited edition matching lipstick and lip gloss shades along with 3 of our best-selling matching lipstick and lip gloss shades from soft nudes to deep hues to create any look you covet. Embrace your every identity, LORACstars, and dress up your lips with LORAC.

Here's to another 20 years!

Secret Agent
Free Spirit
Beauty Guru
Party Girl
Hot Shot

I love the colors that are included for the most part. The lighter colors will definitely need some sort of lip liner on my brown skin but the dark colors are beautiful! The set is priced at $75 and at the time of
This post is somehow still available!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MAC Giambattista Valli Collection

MAC seriously dropped the ball on this launch. The collection went live at about 9am EST but it moved so slow that it was literally impossible to purchase. Now I'm no stranger to any kind of limited edition release so I understand there will be a higher than normal amount of traffic but this was ridiculous!!

After 2 hours (yes TWO!) I didn't know whether my order had gone through because the site kept timing out. I tried the regular check out and paying with paypal. To avoid a double order I called customer service. The wait time wasn't surprisingly long (about 7 min) to speak with a representative. She checked to make sure no order had been placed but since I couldn't order myself I wanted to place an order with her. She then dropped the bomb on me and said they couldn't place orders because their system was down! Whet!!!!?!!!!?

I really wanted this collection because I tried for another hour to place my order. Finally at around noon, it went through!!!

I ordered all of the lipsticks and the gloss. My total with tax and free shipping was around $117. 

I will update my post with swatches when the lipsticks arrive!

Did you purchase anything from this collection?