Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

And happy holidays to you and yours!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Real Techniques

Just about everyone knows what I mean when I say pixi woo on YouTube! Well Samantha Chapman has (well a while ago) come out with a brush line. I decided to finally take the plunge and purchase some when the real techniques site had 50% off!

I decided to purchase the sets so that I could try more of the brushes out at once. The sets usually run about $14-$18 depending on sales and where you purchase them from.

I must say that they live up to all I'd the hype I've heard! I really like that the sets come with their own brush holder/travel roll to make storage easy. In addition to that, you can fit extra brushes in the cases as well. 

I ended up only spending $50 for all of my brushes with the 50% off deal. If anyone would like to see a full review please let me know.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Coastal Scents Black Friday

Coastal Scents has some of the best sales year round so I did not need much but I just couldn't say no to buying something!

The entire site was 50% off!!!! I have a bunch of the hot pots but I just had to have more. Lol. I went through my stash and picked up some new colors. I already have the creative me palette, and a bunch of neutrals so I added a few more bold colors (and a few more neutrals). I picked up:

1. Persian Green
2. Deep Viridian
3. Medieval Gold
4. Black Berry
5. New Penny
6. Chocolate Berry
7. Nude
8. Amber Bronze

I also have been wanting to try some of the beautiful glitters. The glitters all come in a sifter top jar with a screw lid. I picked up:

1. Starburst (yellow)
2. Black Out (black)
3. Bejeweled (teal)
4. Sparkling Chrome (silver)
5. Ruby Slipper (red)

Last but not least, I picked up three brushes.

1. BR-C-S16 (angled eyeliner brush)
2. BR-C-S17 (small angled brush)
3. BR-250 (pro blending brush)

Including shipping I was under $30 for everything. Take that MAC! Lol.

Sedona Lace

Sedona Lace is an awesome company that sells some amazing makeup brushes. One set in particular has been calling my name for the longest. The MakeupByRenRen Vortex brushes to be exact. Because these brushes were $90, I was a bit iffy on making the purchase. I'm not by any means afraid to purchase quality but being since I couldn't touch and feel them before purchasing I was a little apprehensive.

On Black Friday, Sedona Lace had a repeat of its last years sale. 50% off the entire site! I decided to take the plunge and buy this brush set. I'm kicking myself for not purchasing the one with the zipper brush belt but since I have a MAC brush belt that I like, it's okay.

The shipping was extremely fast! I made the purchase late on Thursday thanksgiving night and received them on the following Monday afternoon!

I haven't had the opportunity to use them for long but I can tell you that they are very well made and sooo soft! At only $45, I'm glad I made the investment!

I also picked up one of the brushes from the midnight lace collection called the synthetic eye shading brush #305. It is soft as well. As a free gift for being one of the first 4,000 orders on Black Friday, I received a black liquid eye liner pen.

If Sedona Lace runs this sale again, I will purchase ALL of the brush sets.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Recollections Rainbow Rolling Cart

I was in need of something to store my cosmetics. I wanted something with wheels so that I could put it in a corner and roll it to wherever I wanted.

After searching I came across a rolling cart at Walmart. Instead of purchasing it there I ended up getting mine from Michaels Arts & Crafts store. It was marketed as a cart for stationery and other crafts.

I purchased the cart for $29.99, which was the cheapest I found. There were reviews that the drawers fell out and wouldn't hold anything heavy. I will say that the drawers definitely do fall off track. Periodically you will have to tighten the screws so that the cart doesn't lean. The leaning is what causes the drawers to fall off track.

I have my drawers full. The heavy items are towards the bottom which are mainly nail polishes and a few hair care products.

Overall I like it but I would not repurchase. I will née to find something a little more sturdier for my liking. I did not have a problem with the wheels rolling over smooth surface but I did notice I kind of had to pick it up when tiling across carpet.

So to reiterate:

1. Color code different drawers
2. Has wheels for easy traveling
3. Has a top surface that will support additional items
4. Sleek and compact

1. The drawers do slide off track if overfilled or if the bars need to be tighten
2. The space between one drawer to the next is minuscule so you can't fit odd shaped objects in the drawers (i.e. Bottles like setting spray) unless you lay them sideways

I hoped this helped someone! How do you store your makeup?

Monday, September 30, 2013

Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents is having an awesome deal. They are already affordable but now they are (for lack of better words) even more affordable!

Regularly $1.99, CS has their hot pot eyeshadows on sale for $0.99! That also includes their hot pot Concealers. Now I've tried their eyeshadows before and I honestly can't tell the difference between theirs and any other eyeshadow brands. 

This time around I ordered 24 eyeshadows to fill up my MAC duo palette. CS eyeshadows do fit MAC palettes but you have to put a magnet on the shadow pans so that they stick or you can put them in a z palette. Since my z palette is full, I'm going to purchase a magnet strip and put them in my MAC palette. To make things even easier, CS sells palettes as well. They use to run a promotion where if you bought so many hot pots, they would include a free palette but they stopped that.

I had a $1.50 in reward points so that paid for one shadow and half of another (lol). Shipping was about $4, so I only spent $26. Shipping was extremely fast!!! I ordered Friday night and got them on Monday afternoon.

I liked the bright yellow box it came in. I'm use to brown paper packaging so this was a nice surprise.

Do you plan on ordering anything? Let me know if you would like to see swatches of anything.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Make Me Over

I wanted to amp my look up a bit but still keep it simple... This is how it turned out...

It's truly amazing what a little colored eyeliner can do to a simple smokey/neutral eye!

What have you done differently in your makeup routine lately?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

True or False

True or False is a company that originally sold false eyelashes. After a while they decided to expand their company to include other accessories.

For Labor Day they had a 50% off discount code that I took advantage of. I've been eyeing a MUA hat for a while. I thought about getting the all black one but so many people have that one. I decided to go with one of the floral ones!

On the site the hats range from $10 for a beenie to $17 for a floral hat. The one I purchased was $15. With the discount I got it for $7.50 but with the shipping of $5.50, I payed $13. I also was able to score 4 free of their Monroe lashes. I love this lashes. I have a few of all of their lashes and my least favorite are the homewreckers. The ones I was sent did not look as pictured. I was able to get refunded for them so its ok.

If you decide to order from this company, please keep in mind that shipping will take quite some time. The longest it's taken to get from California to me in North Carolina is three weeks. That's quite a long time but I've gotten each and every order!

Do you like hats like these?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pop Art Craze by Wet N Wild

I finally saw the teeny tiny display at my local Walgreens store! The eyeshadow palettes appeared untouched and they was just one orange and lime green polish waiting for me to purchase. I loved them so much I went back for the rest of the polishes. On my second trip the eyeshadow palettes were still there but there was one light blue polish, one white polish and two of both the dark blue and purple polish.

The eyeshadow palettes were $2.99 each and the nail polishes were on sale for $0.69 each. I think they would've been $0.99 each at regular price but don't quote me on that. I will post swatches if anyone would like to see them. Just leave a comment below.

And while you're here don't forget to subscribe since its free!!

Will you or have you purchased anything from this limited edition collection?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Neutral Smokey Eye

Here's a new look! I'm a sucker for a neutral smokey eye. This one was perfect!!

One day I plan on doing YouTube videos so any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for checking me out and be sure to subscribe to my blog! 

Sunday, June 30, 2013


I've been a subscriber to for a while but I've never purchased anything from their site. Recently a saw a link on their Facebook page that would give you $10 off your purchase, so I decided that it was time!

I've heard nothing but frat reviews on inglot eyeshadows but I've never personally tried them. I decided to get four of the rainbow shadows so that I could have a greater variety at once. I also picked up one of the eyeshadow quads. My total came to $37 which included $5 shipping. My shadows are expected to arrive on Tuesday July 2nd and I ordered them on Friday June 28th! That's very fast shipping time.

I will do another post later on my take if the eyeshadows so stay tuned!!!

Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigment

Have you heard?!? Maybelline is coming out with the pigment version of its famous cream color tattoo shadows. The general consensus is that rite aid is currently selling them.

Maybelline has stated via instagram that these color tattoo pigments are permanent additions and will be available at all usual places in July!

I started to pick up all if them but decided against it simply because they are $5.99 each and getting all of them would've racked up! I'm going to wait until there is a BOGO sale or until I get a good discount at CVS or Walgreens.

I did pick up three colors though. Unfortunate they don't have names like the cream version. I got the black, blur and yellow gold ones. They also have a pink, purple, green, and a bunch or different shades of brown ranging from tan to dark brown.

If anyone wants swatches then let me know!! Il

Monday, June 24, 2013

Gold & Brown

Here's a little iCandy for you....

I hope you enjoyed! Until next time!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ombre Lips

So recently MAC released their fashion sets collection. I managed to snag two of the four lipsticks released in Ablaze and Embrace Me.

Both lipsticks are matte but embrace me has a slight sheen to it and they both are slightly slick on my lips instead of being a classic matte that won't budge.

I decided to put both of the together. Blame it on boredom! I ended up liking the results! I even went back to MAC and purchased the lipgloss to match each lipstick!

Here are the pictures:

Look Here

If you don't follow me on instagram (Charmming) then you are missing out!!

I wanted to just sprinkle a little look I did a week or so ago....

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect!

I've been feeling a little under the weather lately so I decided to perk myself up with a little face beat!

For this look I used my urban decay naked palette, a milani baked blush, and a revlon lip butter.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Maybe It's Maybelline

Have you heard!... Maybelline cosmetics company is coming out with pigments! If you know anything about the color tattoos then you know this drug store brand makes some great makeup.

The pigments are stated to be compliments to the color tattoo cream eyeshadows. These pigments (loose eyeshadow) will be named "Color Tattoo Pigments". I really am excited!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Face of the Day

Today one of my co-workers asked me to maybe do her makeup for graduation. I felt all honored and such because makeup is what I really would like to do as a career.

I'm also planning on doing my best friend's makeup for her birthday! In excited to be doing someone else's makeup. I've gotten a ton of practice on my own face but I really need more practice on different skin tones and eye shapes! I also plan on applying to sephora in hopes of gaining even more practice and knowledge in the world of makeup!