Sunday, October 14, 2012

Face of The Day

I tend to stick to neutrals for my go to look. This look actual has blue in it but it got toned down by my blending color.

I used MAC melon pigment as my lid color. I then used the blue from my NYX St Lucia palette. I want the blue to show but I wanted to blend it into my brown color but the blue wasn't very pigmented do it didn't hold up. I used Darkhorse and creep to darken my crease up. My blending color was buck. I then used naked as my highlight and a little bit of sidecar to liven things up up on the highest point of my brow bone. Hope you like!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bronzed Goddess FOTD

This look is brought to you by Wet N Wild. No I'm not being sponsored and yes I purchased everything with my own money.

I was so shocked by the pigmentation in the palette! The pictures I am going to post are strictly of the eyeshadow.... Meaning no base/primer. It is hard for me to find good drug store palettes or any makeup for that matter. Wet N Wild has really gotten it right with there $5 palettes! I love the fact that I can use the makeup as a go to palette and not have to work extra hard to get the shadows to show up.

The look I was going for ended up being a little different. I originally wanted to use the green shadow and go for a more green/earth tone look. The green, although good in pigmentation shows up as a pale green on my complexion. When paired with the other colors I just didn't like the look. I did end up using every color in the palette which is something I rarely do. The most bronzed shadow of the colors was the second color in the left column. I originally used the first color as my highlight but went back at the end for some shimmer.

Without further ado here are some pics!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sephora Prisma Chrome Eyeshadows

A while back I purchased three of the sephora prisma chrome Eyeshadows. I purchased them for $3 each.

The colors I purchased were Gold Reflection (yellow gold), Sapphire Shine (described as navy but looks more indigo), and Purple Prisma (purple).

Gold Reflection has excellent color payoff and is true to pan color.

Sapphire Shine was the reason I made my purchase. I thought it would be a true sapphire blue but it goes on as an indigo color. That strange color that when next to a blue it leans purple and when next to a purple it leans blue.

Purple prisma was my least favorite color. It goes on almost sheer and takes some packing on to show up on my skin tone. Maybe I got a dud but if not then I would not recommend this color.

As for swatches I always swatch with no base so that you can make a judgement on the product itself.