Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bronzed Goddess FOTD

This look is brought to you by Wet N Wild. No I'm not being sponsored and yes I purchased everything with my own money.

I was so shocked by the pigmentation in the palette! The pictures I am going to post are strictly of the eyeshadow.... Meaning no base/primer. It is hard for me to find good drug store palettes or any makeup for that matter. Wet N Wild has really gotten it right with there $5 palettes! I love the fact that I can use the makeup as a go to palette and not have to work extra hard to get the shadows to show up.

The look I was going for ended up being a little different. I originally wanted to use the green shadow and go for a more green/earth tone look. The green, although good in pigmentation shows up as a pale green on my complexion. When paired with the other colors I just didn't like the look. I did end up using every color in the palette which is something I rarely do. The most bronzed shadow of the colors was the second color in the left column. I originally used the first color as my highlight but went back at the end for some shimmer.

Without further ado here are some pics!!!

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