Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Disco Fever: New Years Edition

I've been wanting to do a glitter look for the longest. I searched high and low for the hard candy glitter glue. When I found it, I knew that new years would be it. On top of that one of my favorite youtubers, queenofblending, did a glitter look!

Ok so on to the steps:

1. Primmed eyes with urban decays Eden primer potion
2. Used NYX jumbo pencil in "milk"
3. Cut crease with a sparkly black from a wet n wild palette. I used an angled brush and 'flicked' the black out towards my brow.
4. I used a silver from wet n wild to fill in the lid portion of my eye
5. I used a light peachy color for my brow bone.
6. I went in with matte skin tone brown to blend the black and highlight color
7. Then I took the hard candy glitter glue and placed it on top of the silver. With the same brush I picked up NYX disco ball pigment and applied it to my lid.
8. I lined my eyes with milani eye tech pen.
9. For the bottom lid I took a black eyeliner pencil and went about halfway and took to the putter corner of my eye.

For the rest of my face I used a NYX cream blush in hot pink, and lips was Milani hot flash lip gloss.

Enjoy the pics!!!!

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