Tuesday, September 3, 2013

True or False

True or False is a company that originally sold false eyelashes. After a while they decided to expand their company to include other accessories.

For Labor Day they had a 50% off discount code that I took advantage of. I've been eyeing a MUA hat for a while. I thought about getting the all black one but so many people have that one. I decided to go with one of the floral ones!

On the site the hats range from $10 for a beenie to $17 for a floral hat. The one I purchased was $15. With the discount I got it for $7.50 but with the shipping of $5.50, I payed $13. I also was able to score 4 free of their Monroe lashes. I love this lashes. I have a few of all of their lashes and my least favorite are the homewreckers. The ones I was sent did not look as pictured. I was able to get refunded for them so its ok.

If you decide to order from this company, please keep in mind that shipping will take quite some time. The longest it's taken to get from California to me in North Carolina is three weeks. That's quite a long time but I've gotten each and every order!

Do you like hats like these?

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