Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Something Different

I usually post about makeup but this time I wanted to make a nail post.

I am apart of a program by Influenster, tht allows you to test out products. Sometimes even before they hit shelves.

My last vox box contained some new Sally Hansen nail polishes.

I decided to keep the mint green one and the dark purple one and have the red one to my mom.

I have to say that I actually like this polish. It's suppose to be an all in one type of Polish where you have a base coat, top coat, it levels itself, and low drying time.

I would have to say that it lives up to its claim. I tend to wash my hands many times throughout the day and use hand sanitizer. Despite that, the polish still lasted about a week before it chipped out. Usually polish barely last a day or two. I'm not sure of the price but if you are a real deal polish girl, this one is a winner! For reference, I own more than 50 polishes and I like this one the best. My only con is that the mint green one required three coats before I felt it was opaque. 

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