Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sedona Lace

Sedona Lace is an awesome company that sells some amazing makeup brushes. One set in particular has been calling my name for the longest. The MakeupByRenRen Vortex brushes to be exact. Because these brushes were $90, I was a bit iffy on making the purchase. I'm not by any means afraid to purchase quality but being since I couldn't touch and feel them before purchasing I was a little apprehensive.

On Black Friday, Sedona Lace had a repeat of its last years sale. 50% off the entire site! I decided to take the plunge and buy this brush set. I'm kicking myself for not purchasing the one with the zipper brush belt but since I have a MAC brush belt that I like, it's okay.

The shipping was extremely fast! I made the purchase late on Thursday thanksgiving night and received them on the following Monday afternoon!

I haven't had the opportunity to use them for long but I can tell you that they are very well made and sooo soft! At only $45, I'm glad I made the investment!

I also picked up one of the brushes from the midnight lace collection called the synthetic eye shading brush #305. It is soft as well. As a free gift for being one of the first 4,000 orders on Black Friday, I received a black liquid eye liner pen.

If Sedona Lace runs this sale again, I will purchase ALL of the brush sets.

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